Illustrations of the project Terra Istriana

TERRA ISTRIANA is located on a total construction area of 15.10 hectares owned by TCU and the concession rights along the coast. It is an integrated tourism project of third generation of complete and sophisticated experience with a wide range of activities specifically associated with a feeling of comfort, relaxation and cultural activities. The main features by which this complex will be different from others is the lake, as well as its unique characteristics, and agriculture as an integral part of the complex. It will consist of the Adriatic inspired architecture and a strong connection with the lake and sandy beaches.

Construction of the resort with 2.270 beds inspired by the architecture of the Istrian village in rural form with the necessary facilities to satisfy needs of modern tourism. At the concession area along the existing wharf the construction of the marina is planned with 200 berths with a possibility of electrical and water supply for the largest mega yachts. The strategic geographical location of sorrounding area of 1.000 km to where a population of over 200 million inhabitants gravitates.